Masturbation Month: Interview with Carlin Ross

Carlin Ross had a career in law and telecommunications and moved on to work with woman’s sexuality. She is currently partnered up with Betty Dodson, where they run a sex information site helping women around the world achieve orgasm.

What do you think characterizes a positive attitude towards sex?

Someone who has sex for pleasure and connection NOT to get things or
manipulate people.  Also, someone who knows how to stimulate
themselves and shares that with their partner.

Why do you think masturbation is important?

We masturbate in utero…when we’re a fetus.  It’s how we become
sexual beings so if it’s blocked we can’t move forward and have
satisfying partner sex.  Also, it’s the constant in our lives.  You
will always masturbate.

Describe your first experience with masturbation.

I remember playing in the bathtub with the water running.  Maybe I was
6 or 7.  I was taking this little boat and dunking it under the stream
of water – the water hit my vulva and it felt good.  I didn’t think
about it or know exactly what I was doing but I scooted forward so the
stream ran directly over my clitoris and had an orgasm.  From then on,
I love love loved bath time.

How do you like to pleasure your? (any specific places, motions, etc.)

I use the 3 toys: the Hitachi Magic Wand, the Split Dildo and some lubricant.  I used to have tension orgasms but now I follow Betty’s Rock ‘n Roll technique.  Spread your legs apart holding the vibrator over your vulva.  Then rock your pelvis forward and then back so the vibrator runs from the top of your pelvic mound to your vaginal opening.  Just keep doing that – keep breathing – and ride the waves of orgasm.

What is your favorite sex toy?

My filthy mind

What is your favorite sexual fantasy?

Any sort of rape scenario (I know it’s taboo that’s why it’s hot) or a
scene where my boyfriend walks in on my having sex with someone else.


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I’m a sex blogger living in San Francisco, trying to be a nursing student, and writing. Sometimes I like to go outside when I’m not nerdin’ it up inside reading.
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